School Hands Out ‘Chivalry’ Assignment to Female Students, Telling Them To “Dress In A Feminine Matter To Please Men”


People have slammed a Texas high school for distributing a ‘chivalry’ assignment to female students in which they asked them to dress in a feminine manner ‘to please men’ and ‘walk daintily behind their male peers as if their feet were bound’.

The list of tasks was assigned to girls in a history class at Shallowater High School in Texas last month. Parents of the students have since shared photos of the assignment’s outline online, and people have been blasting the school left, right, and center.

The list has been titled ‘Rules for Chivarly’, and it was an assignment that asked ‘ladies to demonstrate to the school how the code of chivalry and standards set in the medieval concept of courtly love carries over into the modern day’.

The outline suggests that female students ‘deemed worthy’ of behaving in the appropriate way are able to have a male witness sign off on their assignment sheet, and receive 10 points.

The list includes 11 tasks, which instructed female students ‘to dress in a feminine manner to please men’, ‘address all men respectfully by title’, and ‘obey any reasonable request by a male’.

The assignment also ordered girls not to ‘criticize men’ or ‘complain or whine’. Oh, and they were also not allowed to initiate a conversation with men.

Male students, on the other hand, were also handed an assignment that asked them to treat their female peers with respect, and were instructed to have their acts witnessed by a female who would sign off on the deed.

The school has since issued a statement, in which it said:

‘This assignment has been reviewed, and despite its historical context, it does not reflect our district and community values. The matter has been addressed with the teacher, and the assignment was removed.’

The assignment has since been scrapped.

Source: Daily Mail