Pregnant Woman Who Works 14 Hours a Day Dragged For ‘Not Taking Care’ Of Lazy Husband


Have you ever felt like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders, and the person that’s supposed to take off some of that weight actually puts even more pressure on you?
Well, one 30-year-old pregnant mom from Illinois recently shared her story on the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit. She shared that besides being pregnant, she works a 12-hour job and is expected to take care of her lazy husband who works from home all the time.
The woman’s husband complained about her not doing enough around the house to both the woman’s mom and his mom, and that’s when things escalated.

The worst part? The two moms started shaming the woman for not taking ‘proper care of her husband’, including cooking meals every single day.

Even one of the woman’s friends also thought that she was in the wrong, so the woman decided to ask the court of Reddit to decide whether she’s in the wrong or not. Check out the full story below and decide for yourself. Hint: no, she’s absolutely not in the wrong here!

This is how Reddit responded to the story: