Single Woman Who Bought Her Own House Told Her Sister Deserves Her New Home Because She Has 3 Kids


Some people prefer being single, while some prefer to be in a relationship. However, who are we to judge what’s right and what’s wrong, right?
The real problem comes when the family is involved, and it can be truly frustrating if you’re single and your family “pressures” you for your choice.

One single woman took it to Reddit’s Am I The A-Hole to share her story and ask for help. As it turns out, the 32-year-old woman was excited about buying her first home. It’s a three-bedroom home, it has a backyard, and a lot of space for her two dogs to play. However, her family wasn’t too excited about her decision, and her own sister deemed it “wasteful” when she heard the news. According to her, a single person didn’t need that much space, and she also sobbed about the lack of space she and her three children have. Additionally, the sister brought the mom into the situation, and both of them tried to convince the single sister to allow her sister and her children to move in with her in her new home.

The original poster told her mom and her sister that she will not let anyone move in HER house, bought with her hard-earned money. She now wants to know if this was an a-hole move, or is her sister the a-hole here.

People asked for more info from the original poster, and yes, she clarified that her sister wanted to move in the OP’s new house by herself (and her children), and she offered the person who bought the house to stay with them. Holy entitlement! Of course, Reddit unanimously agreed that the original poster is most definitely not the a-hole here, and the only a-hole here is her sister (and partially her mother).