Mom Asked For Her Stepson To Be Photoshoped Out Of Family Photo


Even though many people believe that the “evil stepmother” stories are something that only happens in fairy tales, these stories are very real, and they occur in real life, too.

This is the story of a stepmother that faced major backlash for treating her stepchild the way she did after she asked a Facebook group to edit her stepson of the family photos after the family had a photoshoot. She added that she loves him, though.
The internet, expectedly, was outraged by her demands, and many people shared the story about the “evil stepmom”.

Bored Panda managed to reach out to the child’s biological mother and ask her about her first reaction when she saw the story online, and she said that she was pissed at first, because she had to find out from her youngest son’s grandma, who saw it on the stepmom’s Facebook page. The post was posted a week ago, and the biological mom claims that she wasn’t informed on the situation by the stepmom or the father.

This is what the biological mother of the child told Bored Panda:

She revealed that she didn’t know about the situation, and the stepmom didn’t try to apologize until after she had called her son’s grandma, asking if she knew. She was amazed by the internet’s reactions, though, and she doesn’t know what she will do next.

This is what the stepmom said after the story was surfaced the internet and the news:

The post made its way on Reddit too, where some people shared their own similar stories, while others were just hoping that the Facebook comment section did its job with the stepmom.