Woman Refuses To Meet Her Biological Daughter After Signing Over Parental Rights To Husband’s Mistress 14 Years Ago


A woman that asked whether she should meet the daughter she gave up for adoption as an infant has divided Reddit recently.

The woman shared her story in the AITA subreddit, and she asked advice on whether she should meet her biological daughter. She shared that she gave up her daughter to her cheating husband and another woman (who was also pregnant with his child) 14 years ago, and now her daughter wants to meet her, but she’s not into it. The whole thing started off with the cheating scandal, and it only escalated from there. Check out the story that was shared by user u/Thelastoffew for yourself.

Reading the story, it was very hard for me to judge too. However, most people (including me) thought that she’s not in the wrong here, and that she has every right to not want to meet this child. She told the ex-husband that she didn’t want the child, and she gave up her parental rights years ago. Some recommended sending her medical history to the 14-year-old girl so she would know what had happened, and they believe that it would be crueller for the woman to meet with this child because it’s clear that she won’t be pursuing a significant relationship with her.

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Source: Bored Panda