Parent Demands 19-Year-Old Daughter Pays Rent After She Spends $300 On Rainbow Hair


Remember the times before the worldwide pandemic? Remember how the majority of young adults were working, studying, and doing their best to live their lives on their own? Well, the pandemic changed many aspects of our lives, and millions of young adults were forced to come back and live with their parents. According to a new study, around 3 million young adults moved in with their parents or grandparents during the pandemic, and that affects the lifestyles of everyone involved.

As things are returning to normal, many young adults are still staying with their parents for different reasons (read: housing prices), and living under the same roof with your parents has challenges of its own.

The following story comes from a family with three kids, aged 19, 15, and 12, and it was shared by a parent.

The parent shared that their 19-year-old daughter Kate graduated from high school last year and is still living at home. However, she has struggled with anxiety for the past few years and has been in therapy since junior year of high school.

The parent also shared that she struggles with impulse control, and this usually manifests in her spending habits on things she doesn’t always need. Well, her spending habits were the cause of tension between her and her parents, and on one occasion, the parents found out that Kate spent $300 on ‘bright rainbow hair’. This didn’t sit well with them, so they demanded that she starts paying rent to live with them.

The parent now has some regrets, so they shared the story on the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit and wanted to know if they were in the wrong to demand their daughter pay rent.

As much as I understand that this is a tricky situation for everyone involved, I hate to admit that I’m leaning towards NTA myself (Not The A-hole). The majority of Reddit also voted that the parent is not in the wrong here and that it’s for her own good to learn the importance of these things before she enters the ‘real world’. Check out some of the responses below, and feel free to add your opinion on the matter in the comment section.

Source: Bored Panda