Groom Wants To Tell Trans Sister To ‘Go Back In The Closet’ For His Wedding Day, Asks If He’s Wrong


Acceptance has come a long way in the last few years, but there are still some people who can’t accept their family members for who they are. However, combine this with an expensive wedding of a seemingly entitled bride or groom (in this case, it was the groom), and you get a very unpleasent situation.

You see, one groom decided to take it to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong for asking his trans sister to dress in the gender she was assigned at birth so she doesn’t upstage the groom and the bride on their wedding day.

To the surprise of many, Redditors didn’t feel like he was the a-hole in this situation, but they agreed that compromises need to be made by both sides. They believe that his heart is in the right place, but still thought that he has to accept his sister for who she is. So, they voted ‘NAH’ – or no a-holes here! Check out some of the responses below, and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section.