New Mom Accused By Husband For Choosing Formula Over Breastfeeding


Women’s bodies change drastically during pregnancy, and the changes don’t stop even after childbirth.

Namely, the next step after giving birth is breastfeeding. However, it’s very challenging to many mothers, especially first-time birth givers, so society shouldn’t put pressure on moms to breastfeed their children.

In a recent thread that was shared on the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit, one mom shared how she has trouble with breastfeeding as it gives her intense pain. So, she had to switch to formula milk and it was all good until her husband stepped in and was upset and rather disappointed that she chose not to breastfeed their baby. Even though it was her decision to switch from breastfeeding to formula, she was wondering if she did the right thing and if she was justified in her reasoning. Check out the full story for yourself below.

Most of Reddit answered that the woman is not in the wrong even the slightest, but they weighed in on the situation regarding breastfeeding and her husband’s attitude:

Source: Bored Panda