Man Asks Wife To ‘Shut The Kids’ Up While He Works From Home, Asks If He’s Wrong


Working from home is not easy, especially if there are small children involved. With the added stress of the pandemic and stressful work environment when the numbers don’t add up, the situation is even more stressful. Not all employers are willing to accommodate to parents that work from home, but you still can’t expect your spouse to just ‘shut up’ the children while you’re working. Well, maybe you don’t, but this dad does!

Believe it or not, one dad decided to take it to Reddit’s Am I The A-hole sub to ask if he was in the wrong for demanding ‘100 percent silence from his ‘stay at home’ wife and twin toddlers’. Yes, you read that right. He expects silence. From twin toddlers. Although the post has since been deleted from Reddit, some people managed to grab screenshots and reshare it on Twitter, so you can check it out for yourself below.

The post gained a lot of popularity on Twitter, and hundreds of people called out the dad for his behavior and absolutely unreasonable asking!