Dad Doesn’t Want His 11-Year-Old Boy-Girl Twins To Bathe Together, Wife Strongly Disagrees


Many people put their kids to bathe together when they’re young. Heck, I remember my mom putting me and my sister in the tub when we were three or four years old, and I believe there’s absolutely nothing wrong or weird about that. However, how old is too old? One dad was concerned that his 11-year-old boy-girl twins are “a bit” too old to bathe together. His wife, though, thinks otherwise, and she strongly feels that it’s perfectly normal for brothers and sisters to bathe together. In fact, she even warned him not to s**ualize his kids.

The dad decided to take it to Reddit’s popular Am I The A-hole sub to ask if he was in the wrong for not wanting his twins to bathe together anymore, and you can check out the full story below.

Although some people took the whole situation in stride, most Redditors agreed that the dad was most definitely not in the wrong here, and they believe it’s very weird and creepy for pre-teens to bathe together, regardless of their gender. What do you think about this one? Check out some of the most popular responses below, and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section.