Mom Says She Rejects ‘Younger More Attractive’ Nannies, Asks If She’s Wrong


Although movies have touched on the idea of the husband of a beautiful happy family falling in love with the young nanny, in reality. The nanny herself is very rarely interested in it, but it’s the husbands wandering eye that’s hard to hide. These scenarios are pretty rare, though, and they only happen in the movies. Or so we think?

One mom recently decided to take it to Reddit’s popular Am I The A-hole sub to ask if she was in the wrong for feeling uncomfortable to hire an ‘attractive’ younger nanny because of her husband.

Although I first judged by the headline and thought that the husband would be the a-hole here, it turns out that it’s actually the wife that’s in the wrong. Why? Because you should never-ever be sexist when it comes to someone’s career!

Most people seem to agree with me, and Reddit deemed her to be the a-hole in this situation.