Pro-Lifers’ Baby Photo Meme Used to Emotionally Manipulate People Gets Brilliantly Shut Down


It seems like the ‘pro-lifers’ have used every trick in the book and ace up their sleeves to defend their notion that abortions should be banned past the fetal heartbeat. As you probably know already, they’ve used everything, from religious claims to ethical reasons to shame and restrictions abortions and people who believe that women should have a say in choosing what to do with their bodies.

In the light of the absurd Texas law outlawing abortions past the sixth week of pregnancy, a netizen’s powerful response to a dated anti-abortion meme has gone viral on Reddit, and for a good reason.

The meme was originally shared on a Facebook page called Life Begins at Conception, but it eventually made its way to other social media following a powerful response by one user. The meme has now resurfaced on the internet and was shared in a popular subreddit, and you can check it out alongside the response for yourself below.

The Reddit post attracted many people, and some users even decided to share their own traumatic experiences of going through an abortion and how the anti-abortion movement is only fueling up their experiences and doesn’t allow them to forget the pain.

Source: Upworthy