Guy Tried To Mansplain To A Woman How To Read A Paper She Actually Wrote


Dr. Tasha Stanton is a living proof that there’s no shortage of mansplaining examples in women’s lives, even when you are literally the author of something.

Neuroscientist Tasha Stanton was recently at a conference and was told by a male conference attendee that she should read a paper that a certain Dr. Stanton authored. Her three-word response is probably the best shut down to a mansplainer in entire history!

Dr. Stanton is an associate professor of clinical pain neuroscience at the University of Southern Australia, and she tweeted about the experience at an Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference and about her confrontation with the mansplainer. After she did some opening chit-chat, she said that a man she met recommended a paper she should read, clearly unaware of who was he talking to.

This is what she tweeted about the whole ordeal:

Dr. Stanton said that, of course, she would never assume that he would know who she was, but it was his condescending tone and assumption that she hadn’t “read up” on the subject matter that irritated her in the first place.

Dr. Stanton has been floored by the response by the Twitter-sphere and overwhelmed by all the women who shared their similar stories of times they were mansplained to by men who assumed they had no knowledge on a particular topic.