You Need To Hear This Comedian’s Monologue About Male Accountability


Daniel Sloss is a Scottish comedian that admitted during the 2019 routine ‘X’ that he had previously failed to act on worrying behavior by his male friend, and his friend went on to force upon one of Sloss’s female friends.

The video where Sloss shares his experiences gained a lot of popularity last week in light of the conversations across the internet following the disappearance of Sarah Everard.

In the video, he shared that if every single woman who has ever experienced some form of assault was to go to the police, there wouldn’t be enough police officers or courtrooms in the world to deal with the problem. No, this wasn’t his way of saying that women shouldn’t go to the police, but he just wanted to put the light on just how big this problem really is.

He went on to share the devastating statistic that 97 percent of all people that take advantage of women will not see the inside of a court room or spend a single day in custody or jail. Later on he expressed his thoughts on how society can fix this, and it involves men. Check out the clip for yourself below:

Source: Unilad