Women Tweet Their Experiences With Men Who Ignored Them In Conversations 


As a woman, you’ve probably had some of those experiences where you talk about something and you get interrupted by a guy or you join in on a topic and they just ignore what you’ve just said. It’s actually all about a man telling his story and he doesn’t want you to be part of it or explain something because god forbid you actually know more in that subject than him.

Recently, author Maggie Mull tweeted her own experience of being bulldozed or ‘mandozed’ in a conversation with a guy she met at a bar. Namely, in the conversation, he mentioned that he loved New Yorker cartoons and when she told him that she actually wrote them, he just ignored that fact continuing on with his story. Read the story below together with all the people on Twitter who shared their own experiences of ‘mandozing’.

And then this guy who suggested she actually turns this into a cartoon, because you know – that’s what she does.