‘Women Shouldn’t Make That Decision’: Male Doctor Refused To Tie The Tubes of Unmarried Woman


Sarah-Jo Baskin is a woman that recently shared a viral TikTok video in which she responded what’s the most sexist thing a man has ever said to her. Her response resonated with thousands of people, and rightfully so. Namely, she recalled the horrifying conversation she had with her male doctor following her traumatic childbirth of her second child. She then revealed how her male doctor refused to tie her fallopian tubes because, according to him, ‘a woman should not make that decision.’

Check out the TikTok video for yourself below:


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Sarah-Jo revealed that the labor and delivery of her second child almost took her life and the life of her son. So, she declared that she doesn’t want that anymore, and decided that she wants to have her tubes tied.

Given Sarah-Jo’s circumstances, having her fallopian tubes tied seems like the most reasonable thing to do. However, her male doctor told her that he wouldn’t do it.

When she asked him why, he told that he wouldn’t do it because she’s not married. When she asked what does that have to do with anything, he replied that he believes that ‘it’s best that a man and a woman make that decision together’ and added that he believes she shouldn’t make the decision on her own.

Sarah-Jo told him that it’s her body and she wants to have her tubes tied, but he again told her that he’s not doing it.

Although Sarah-Jo didn’t share the outcome of the situation, we most certainly hope that she reported this doctor and went to another one to have her tubes tied.

Source: Upworthy