Woman Mocked By Men For Her Bikini Body Posts Powerful Clap-Back


Many women feel incredibly triggered when they have to take off their clothes and get in a swimsuit at the beach, and for a number of reasons. I mean, you literally have to expose your body to the outside world and to the eyes of other human beings who, let’s face it, can be very, very cruel and judgemental. And, as things go in this world, everything multiplies if you’re a woman.

Shelly Proebstel is a blogger that is very familiar with how misogyny and putting shame on someone’s body can be detrimental about a person, so she used her platform to open up a conversation about the matter and promote body positivity.

She noticed during a recent trip to New Zealand’s Mt Maunganui Beach how a group of men that were nearby were mocking her body and sneering.

More than 54k people liked her post, and thousands of people shared her post. Most of the comments came from people that wanted to thank her for her courage and shared their own similar experiences.