Woman Wakes Up At 5:30 Every Day To Prepare Meals For ‘Her Man’


Legacy-Shay Ruhe is a woman that revealed that she wakes up at 5:30 each morning to make lunches for ‘her man’ every single day. And while most people head to the office fridge for some midday snack, Ruhe’s partner prepares him her so-called ‘McDonald’s inspired Egg McMuffins’, sushi, bao buns, sticky char siu pork, crispy teriyaki chicken, and even dumplings. The woman, from New Zealand, revealed that she was up at 5:30 every day to prepare the meals for ‘her man’, and she’s since been branded ‘the best girlfriend ever’. Expectedly, by men.


Another vid of my tradies lunch since the other one blew up more than I expected! 😝🤙🏽 Enjoy!! ❤️❤️ ##tradielunch ##nz ##fyp ##kai ##foodieee ##leshhgooo

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Back with another parakuihi and lunch vid for my Tradie!🤙🏽❤️ appreciate all the aroha on the last vid! Chur 🙌🏽❤️ ##lesshgoo ##fyp ##tradielunch ##nz

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During one of her videos, she said that she cooked the pork slowly in the oven and added the sauce so the flavor goes all throughout the meat.
She packs her partner two breakfast sandwiches, a lunch, and a big snack. Oh, she also makes sure to pack him some drinks to last him throughout the day.

Even though she goes to work as well, she said that she gets up around 5:30, depending on how much she has prepped the night before. She added that he works long hours, so she prepares him snacks to keep him going.

Many people were amazed by her energy, and wondered how can she keep up with that pace.

Source: LADBible