Woman Used Her Dog And A Plate Of Food To Teach Everyone A Lesson Of Consent


Briana “Bree” Wiseman is a 22-year-old pastry chef and restaurant manager from Tennesee.
She recently decided to share a photo of her dog on Facebook next to a plate of food to prove a very important point.

No, she didn’t share her photo because her dog is extremely cute (which, by the way, IS!), but to make a powerful statement and a lesson of consent using her dog and the place of food as a metaphor.
Check out her post below:

Her post went extremely popular on social media, being shared more than 324k times and it gained more than 206k likes!

Thousands of people commented on her post, and most of them fully supported her message and her cute dog.

When speaking to Huffington Post, Wiseman said that she decided to share the photo and the message in order to stand against people blaming women when someone assaults them. She said that people shouldn’t worry about what they choose to wear, and she wants people to see that this is a huge problem.

If a 4-year-old Pitbull understands that “no” means “no”, even though he is looking at the food that he wants so bad and is literally drooling, that how hard it is for adults to understand the word “no”? How is an animal able to better understand something that a large part of the adult population doesn’t?