Woman Told To Order More Food So ‘She Doesn’t Eat Her Friend’


All comments about a woman’s body a totally unacceptable. There’s no excuse for it. Simply put: you’re not allowed to shame anyone based on their body (or anything else, for that matter).
Unfortunately, it still happens on a daily basis, and most shamers try to masquerade it as ‘humor’. However, if there’s one group of people that you would never expect to shame you – specifically because they depend on your generosity – it’s waiters. Well, this woman received some nasty comments by her waiter, so she decided to share her story with the world.

Gloria Bennett is a writer that lives in upstate New York, and she shared an unpleasant experience she had some time ago when she went out for lunch with her friend Stephanie. She shared that their waiter was incredibly rude and kept making fun of her weight throughout the meal. It was totally uncalled for, but things escalated was when the waiter suggested that Gloria might eat her friend.

Gloria, who goes by the TikTok name @theglobalgrrl, shared the story on social media, and explained what happened in detail. She also shared that one of her friends didn’t believe her – and this is another problem.

Check out the video for yourself below.

@theglobalgrrl #stitch with @danievanier Believe your fat friends. Be a Stephanie. #fatshaming ♬ original sound – G.M. Bennett

Some people called Gloria out for her story, saying that it belongs to the ‘Things that never happened’ group. However, she responded to all the non-believers:

@theglobalgrrl Replying to @nahnoturday ♬ original sound – G.M. Bennett

This is what people had to say about it. Some shared their own stories, while others suggested what would they do if they were in a similar situation.

Source: Bored Panda