Woman Shows Her Body In Outfits Before and After Eating To Prove Bloating Is Natural


The 24-year-old Clara Guillem is a content creator and a TikToker from Nashville, Tennesse, who recently gained a lot of popularity on TikTok after sharing her ‘outfits before and after eating’ series.

The series shows Clara wearing cute outfits, but it highlights how her body looks very different before and after a full day of eating. In the videos, she explains that bloating is very normal and natural, and it should actually be celebrated!


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In the videos, she also says that her appearance is the least interesting thing about her. She noted that she has many other amazing qualities, but they’re all suppressed when she’s hungry.

Clara’s initial TikTok video racked up more than 5.5 million views, and thousands of people commented on her videos, thanking her for normalizing something that many of us feel insecure about on regular basis.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Clara said that she decided to create the series so she could start off a ‘positive conversation around the changes our bodies go through when we eat’.

“So often in the media, you see bloating as a negative thing, as our society has such deeply engrained fatphobia. In reality, no matter what size you are, your body becoming bigger shouldn’t have such a negative connotation.” – she further noted.


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Source: BuzzFeed