Woman Shares The Most Heartwarming Hen Lesbian Relationship Story Ever


Amanda Brunton is a woman that recently shared one of the funniest and most entertaining Twitter threads we’ve seen in a while. Namely, she revealed to the world how she found out that two of her hens were lesbians.

As it turns out, Brunton adopted a stray hen that she named Domino, and soon after, she brought in another hen named Michelle. Although she thought they would be ‘just friends’, it turns out that the two would only sleep ‘snuggled up together’. After some time, Brunton finally figured out what the whole ‘fuzz’ was about.

Without further ado, we’ll let you read the full thread for yourself below:

The ‘chicken lesbian’ story received a lot of attention on Twitter, and many users commented just how adorable the relationship is.

Source: Upworthy