Woman Shares The ’12 Rules’ List Her Ex Made For Her On A Night Out With Friends And It’s Alarming


Relationships are about love and respect, but not many people seem to understand this. Getting jealous when your s/o is out with friends or telling them things they can or cannot do are just one of the signs of a toxic relationship. This is exactly the behavior we follow in today’s story by Twitter user Zoe Scholefield.

Namely, her now ex-boyfriend, had a list made for her with 12 rules that she MUST follow on a night out without him. Talking about controlling much? She continues: “Funny how my ex sent me stuff like this then has the audacity to cheat on me.” Check it out below.

Excuse me? This doesn’t feel like a relationship but slavery. A simple “I love you, have fun”. Or “text me when you get home” would’ve done. If you see any of these signs, red flags ladies, run.