Woman Shares Scary Text After Rejecting a Man And It’s A Perfect Example Of Toxic Masculinity


I believe most of us have received at least one text message that was so absurd, obscene, and awkward that we didn’t know how to respond to it (and if we should respond to it in the first place). Well, a few drinks can bring out the worst in humanity at 3 am.

One woman recently decided to share a conversation she had with a guy she dumped on Twitter. Well, let’s say that this guy is rather emotionally unstable, but we’ll let you be the judge of it.

Of course, he opens up the next day by saying good morning. How pathetic!

The key is to NOT RESPOND to these people, ever!

Many Twitter users discussed how this was a classic example of toxic masculinity and men unable to deal with rejection.

Source: ruinmyweek