Woman Shares Scary Story Of Man Who Followed Her For 5 Miles to Tell Her She’s Pretty


TikToker @buzzcutkenny recently shared a disturbing story in which she was followed by a man for five miles just so he can compliment on her looks – causing her to fear for her life in the process.

Namely, she shared that she was pulling into her home when another car pulled right behind her. She thought nothing of the car at first, but she started feeling unsafe when the car wedged in front of her and blocked her way.

The man then asked her if she lived there, and she lied in order to protect herself. He then told her that he’s been following her for five miles after seeing her at a traffic light, just to tell her that she’s pretty.

Kenny shared the story on TikTok to put the spotlight on the issue and tell men that this kind of behaviour actually scared women – and it’s note ‘cute’ or ‘romantic’ at all! Check out the full story for yourself below:


I hate males WHY WOULD THIS EVER BE OK #creepy #men #scarymen

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This is what fellow TikTokers had to say about the situation:

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