Woman Shares Her Transformation Journey After Years of Mistreatment To Inspire Others


Life’s hard, and sooner or later we will realize it. Yes, life’s not always roses and butterflies, and sometimes it will keep bringing us down and it will seem like we can’t get up.
Many people find it very hard to keep moving forward towards reaching their goals, but Jasmine Vine is not one of those people.

She finally managed to find her true self after she had a bad upbringing and was mistreated by her schoolmates. However, she realized that she wasn’t who she wanted to be, and strated transitioning from male to female. She finally started seeing her true self in the mirror, and she’s now glowing and is full of life.

She’s happy to help other people like her feel better, and she wants to inspire them on their journey of finding their true selves.

She shared her glow up story on TikTok, and you can check it out for yourself below:


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Jasmine shared that she picked her name when she was becoming this wonderful trans woman that she is today.

She had a really tough upbringing, and she thought of doing the worst many times, the first time when she was just 7 years old. None of her family members had jobs, and they taught her how to get the most out of the government systems – even how to steal.

She started documenting her transition on YouTube when she turned 14, and she gained a lot of popularity. She often received feedback from people saying that she has helped them find their courage, come out, and finally become the person they are.
She noted that this kept her alive during her darkest times, as she always had the deep desire to help people.

Check out her transition journey for yourself below:


Thankfully, Jasmine finally feels like her true herself and she is very happy!
She has now made it her mission to inspire others to embrace who they are and never stop chasing their dreams.

Source: Bored Panda