Woman Reads “WAP” Lyrics Over Evangelical Minister Reading The Bible At Abortion Clinic


A group of teenagers gathers regularly, in shifts, in front of an independent clinic that provides abortions in order to provide support for women seeking abortions. Additionally, they also serve as a barrier between the women in need and the religious groups that also protest in front of the clinic. The group recently created a TikTok video that went absolutely viral, and for the good reason.

The group’s account has been regularly documenting the group’s effort, and most of the videos show protesters on their “mission” to convince women seeking abortions not to do it. However, when an Evangelical Christian minister began preaching the bible at the women that were gathered in front of the clinic, the defending group preached back. Instead of the word of God, though, the group preached the words of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, namely their newly released track “WAP”.
The video shows one of the women wearing a Black Lives Matter mask reading the extremely explicit “WAP” lyrics over the minister’s biblical verses.


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