Woman Mad At ‘Sexist’ Wedding Invitation, Refuses To Attend The Ceremony


Anyone that has ever planned a wedding knows just how stressful the experience is. It usually involves a lot of people, and the emotions run high for everyone, especially the bride and the groom.
One of the biggest dilemmas when planning a wedding are the wedding invitations – and the names on them. How much people should you invite? Should you go big, or invite just your closest friends and family? The decisions are not easy, but we believe you should make them inclusive for everyone.

However, one woman posted a story on Reddit that made people scratch their heads. As it turns out, the woman’s cousin is getting married, and he invited her and her husband to the wedding. The cousin’s girlfriend and her family took care of the wedding invitation, and the original poster of the story believes that the invitation was sexist, so she refuses to attend the wedding. Check out the story for yourself below, and feel free to tell us what you think about it.

Many people, including some feminists, noted that there was nothing wrong with the wedding invitation, and blamed her for making things up to miss the wedding.

Additionally, others pointed out that the wedding is not about her, so she shouldn’t make a drama out of it. Check out some of the responses below, and feel free to add what you think about the ‘problem’ in the comment section.