Woman Loses 200 Pounds As a Revenge After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Was Ashamed of Her


Self-love is crucial for your mental health – and you should never forget that! You should love yourself and your body at all times. Yes, if you’re unhappy about something, you should do something to change that, but you should always embrace self-love!

Samantha Rawley is a single mom from the US that decided to change something about her body and lifestyle habits. Some time ago, she found out that her then-boyfriend did not want his parents to know about her because of her weight. He was ashamed of her, so she had the perfect revenge! She lost 200 pounds!

No, it wasn’t all about him. She said that she finally decided to find herself and who she really is after many failed relationships, and she decided that she first has to respect herself and love her body.

She tried many ways to lose weight in the past, and finally decided the operation done. She used to weight 363 pounds, so she spent $20,00 on gastric sleeve surgery. After that, she lost more than 200 pounds, and she looks fantastic.

She decided to share her journey on social media, and she received tons of support from fellow social media users.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Samantha said that she’s 30 years old and lives in Orange County, California. She’s a single mom to an 11-year-old daughter, and works in real estate. She shares her journey on her Instagram profile @VSGTea. She always wanted to inspire people and loves talking to people about weight loss surgery and plastics. She now helps others along their journeys, and she’s happy with where she is in her life.

Her greatest motivation was when she discovered that her now ex-boyfriend was too ashamed to introduce her to his parents. He ghosted her for another girl, but instead of falling into depression, Samanta decided to do something about her body and change her life.

Samanta said that she’s been ‘dieting’ since she was 12, and she had tried pretty much everything. In 2018, she decided that enough was enough, and got a gastric sleeve surgery. The operation changed her life completely, and she was very happy with the way she looked and felt.

Talking about the hardest part of the journey, she said that it’s the mentality behind it.

Samanta has now gained full confidence and she wants to tell the world what she’s done. She weighs 160 pounds, she feels amazing, and she’s there to help anyone that struggles with acceptance and self-love.