Woman Live-Tweets A Flight Where A Man Decided It’s Okay To Take Off His Pants


Yes, it’s true pants can be uncomfortable sometimes. That’s why we change into something more comfortable the moment we come home from the office. Yes, emphasis on ‘home’. Whatever the situation is there are some places where you need to be a grown up and keep your pants on, literally. And yes, airplanes are one of those places. Of course, if you are in for a long flight you try to make yourself as comfortable as you can be but there NEED to be some boundaries.

This is what Twitter user Lizzie Thompson describes in her Twitter thread after she boarded the plane and was in for a surprise. Namely, the gentleman next to her took the word ‘comfortable’ to literally and took his pants and socks off and spent the whole flight in his boxers. She documented the whole weird situation which kept escalating. Read the whole thread below.

Remember, this flight is Europe to the USA so it’s going to be a long ride. The saga continues.

Of course, people had something to say about this. Some of them even wondering if pants are optional on a flight?