Woman Lists 18 Disturbing Facts Showing That Our World Wasn’t Built For Women


Have you ever thought that being a woman in this world is pretty hard? Well, if you think that it is, let me reassure you: It really IS!

This world is predominantly designed by men, so what does it mean for a woman to live in it? Even though we might not know all the answers straight away, Karly Hou is a sophomore at Harvard in computer science, math, and economics that recently shared a thread regarding the current state of gender bias. According to her, the gender bias is very present, but not so obvious. She made a strong statement that our world was not built for women, and then proceeded to list all 18 disturbing examples of how it’s hostile to females.

Wow! What a take on an issue that’s been present for centuries! This is how fellow women of Twitter reacted to the thread:

Source: Bored Panda