Woman Finds an Unfinished Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror


TikTok seems to have the most incredible stories! Although you can learn many things on this social network, there are some stories that you cannot find in literally any other place.
TikToker @samanthartsoe recently posted a video in which she shared that she found a giant hole behind her apartment mirror in New York City. Yes, you read that right. Her videos have since been reposted on Twitter, where they gained a lot of popularity.

As it turns out, Samantha noted that she felt some sort of a breeze in certain sports of her bathroom, and she couldn’t figure out where the cold air was coming from. Although she tried to tape some stuff, that didn’t work. It was then when she noticed that the cold air was coming from her mirror.


Samantha later shared that she will go into the hole if she can fit into it, but she did invite a few of her friends to watch the proceedings.
She later shared an update:

Wow. Just wow! Samantha shared a tour of what’s behind the wall – and it’s not just one room. It’s an entire unfinished apartment, with windows and everything. Well, if this is not a Candyman-like scenario, what is?