Woman Explains Why Dress Codes Are Inherently Misogynistic


The society is ruled by a set of rules that we’re met with when we’re born, and it rarely occurs to us to question those rules. It all starts from a very basic level, even at the kindergarten or preliminary school. For example, the school dress tells girls and boys how to dress even at the earliest of ages, and it’s inherently misogynistic and sexist. To tackle this, a group of teenagers at a Sacramento art school staged a protest, and TikTok user @chan42911 shared a powerful video in which she shared her thoughts on how the dress code teaches young girls that their bodies are property.

The video has already racked up more than 3.3 million views, and it shows that even though the dress code is incredibly misogynistic, everyone ignores it and pretends like it’s normal.

Check out the video for yourself, and feel free to share your thoughts on the dress code and school uniforms.


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