Woman Asks Man Who Ghosted Her For Feedback, Gets Honest Response


TikToker Danielle that goes by the handle @danielleria1 recently asked for feedback from a man who ghosted her, and she was truly hit by his honest reply that left the internet divided.

In a recent video, she shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with a guy, and all of her fans were shocked because it’s a rather awkward question to someone she had once dated.

She captioned the video with ‘you can’t win them all’, and added that she decided to go and asked a man that had ghosted her for info on why he did it.
Check out his response below, and feel free to share your opinion on it in the comments:


You can’t win them all! #dating #datinginyour30s #london #fyp #single #bumble

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Danielle said that even though she wasn’t impressed by the answer, she did feel better, and at least he was honest.

Some of her fans pointed out that asking for feedback is strange, but they did respect his honesty.

Source: Mirror.co.uk