Woman Asks If Men Should Change Their Underwear Daily, Gets Clear Answers


Reddit is a place where people ask all kinds of questions – and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can come up with some truly disturbing questions.

One woman’s husband has recently become popular on Reddit for all the wrong reasons: his underwear changing habits. As it turns out, the woman decided to ask men of Reddit if men should change their underwear daily. Her husband, apparently, says that he doesn’t need to do it regularly, so she wanted to ask what are the usual rules for male hygiene routines.

This is the post she wrote:

Many people were concerned for this woman – and rightfully so! The post received thousands of comments, but most Redditors were not impressed by her husband. In fact, all of them pointed out that his admission is rather absurd, and that men, just like anyone else, should change their underwear every single day!