Woman Asks For Adult-Only Flights After She Has To Listen To a Child Cry During Three Hour Flight


Morgan Lee, a travel enthusiast from Florida has called on airlines to start offering child-free flights after she had endure a three-hour flight listening to a child crying the whole time.

Lee took it to TikTok to make her observation after she had a very bad experience with a child who obviously didn’t enjoy flying.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult only flights? I would pay so much money [for that],” – she said in the video that has since been viewed almost a million times.

@mooorganic The flight was 3 hours and I listened to this the entire time #travel ♬ original sound – Mo


The 24-year-old, who now lives in Vienna, Austria, said that the flight was three hours, and she listened to this the entire time, even with her noise cancelling headphones.

“I have noise cancelling headphones, the child was well over five years old, and they sat directly behind me while kicking my chair as the mother slept.” – she added.

However, her video received a backlash from many parents on TikTok. One user said that this is why parents, especially moms have anxiety when leaving the house – because no grace is given.


Another one sarcastically said that their heart goes to her for having to endure another human’s cries for three hours.
Some parents ‘dueted’ her video so they could roast her, and some even branded her ‘disgusting’.

Some even suggested that there is a solution to fly without kids, and it’s called private planes.

Not all the comments were negative, however. Some parents said that they too would pay extra to have some peace and quiet, and were all-in for her idea of adult-only flights. The truth is that sometimes even the most empathetic person has its bad share of days when  we’re just to sensitive to loud and sharp noises.

According to a 2017 survey by Business Insider, half of parents believe that they should sit in a designated section of the plane for the comfort of others, and some airlines have already introduced kid-free zones.


Source: LADBible