With The Revolutionary Japanese Breastfeeding Assistant Men Can Now Breastfeed Their Babies


A new Japanese invention allows men to breastfeed their children, and it’s now become popular among dads across the world.

The device has been created by the Japanese company Dentsu and it’s called the ‘Father’s Nursing Assistant’. The device allows men to carry milk in it, and the baby to feed from the artificial nipple. It wraps around one shoulder, and the silicon end dispenses milk when sucked upon. It’s become so popular because it saves mothers from getting up in the middle of the night to feed their baby or even be present when their children are being fed.

The device isn’t just a simple milk dispenser, but it comes with a whole array of features that improve the experience. For example, the Father’s Nursing Assistant heats up, vibrates, and replicates the temperature of milk that comes from the mother’s body. Additionally, it has a monitoring system that allows you to track your baby’s sleeping pattern, and you can check out the statistics on your phone.

The assistant is also helpful to single fathers or male-only couples. The company promises that the baby won’t miss the closeness and the bond between parent and child. Check out the introductory video for the device for yourself below: