Video Shows 9-Year-Old Narrowly Escaping Stalker Who Followed Her Home


A horrifying CCTV video from Russia that recently surfaced the internet shows a 9-year-old girl that just managed to escape a creep who followed her home. Numerous self-defense experts have since praised the girl for her quick thinking, but it’s still a chilling sight.
The video shows a creepy-looking stalker who followed the schoolgirl in the Russian town of Stupino. He watched the little girl as she was waiting to get buzzed into her apartment building before he followed her through the door before it closed. The girl, however, noticed him, and outsmarted him!

She managed to climb a short staircase and turned towards the elevators before she quickly turned the other way and hid in the doorway. The stalker walked towards the elevators and pushed the button as he was confused where the girl went. Meanwhile, the 9-year-old managed to sneak herself behind him and back down the stairs and went down the stairs. When the man realized that she escaped, he walked out of the building himself.

The girl walked back into the apartment building just as the creepy man walked out, accompanied with a man who, reportedly, was her father. The footage was first shared on the YouTube channel Active Self Protection, and, according to another video, the man was later arrested by the police.

The chilling video gained a lot of attention on the internet, where people discussed how disturbing it is, and praised the girl for her awareness and quick thinking.

Source: Upworthy