‘Vaccine Skeptic’ Suggests Giving Children “A Small Piece Of Virus” Instead Of “Vaccine Chemicals”, And People Respond Accordingly


Even though anti-vaxxers have been debunked by science hundreds of times now, the heated debate about vaccinations is showing no signs of slowing down. The anti-vaxxer community was once too small to be considered a threat, but it has steadily increased in the past decade, so much that diseases that have been eradicated in the U.S. are making a comeback.

Even though some U.S. states have implemented personal-belief exemption bans, which means that parents can no longer opt-out of vaccinating their children due to their personal belief systems, parents are still finding other loopholes, including religious exemptions.

Although the reasons people start to oppose vaccines may vary, most of them feel largely anti-medicine and fear the side effects – claiming that vaccines cause autism. Knowing that this theory has been scientifically disproven, it means that the biggest driver behind the anti-vaxx community is misinformation.

Twitter user @Golfergirl2018 recently shared a screenshot of a Facebook post by someone who empathized with the concerns of anti-vaxxers, and the OP in the Facebook post shared that even though they’re not anti-vaxx themselves, they understand why parents don’t want “those chemicals” in their children’s bodies. So, as suggested, they suggested children be given a small piece of the virus so they could build an immunity.

Many people were quick to point out the fact that giving children a “small piece of the virus” is exactly what vaccines are: