Utah Will Require Dads To Pay Half Of Pregnancy Costs


A bill that was recently passed in Utah will require biological fathers to pay half of the pregnancy costs – out of their own pocket.
The bill was sponsored by Utah representative Brady Brammer who said that he decided to sponsor the bill following the number of anti-abortion measures that are going through the Legislature. The bill has since been presented as an effort to decrease the pregnancy burden on women. However, numerous critics argue that the bill will do nothing to help women who are most vulnerable, and it could even produce unwanted situations which would be even more dangerous for pregnant women.

CBS News reports that Governor Spencer Cox signed the bill after the GOP-controlled Legislature supported the proposal. So, fathers would be required to pay 50 percent of a mother’s insurance premiums while she’s pregnant, as well as pregnancy-related medical costs and the hospital birth of the child. Brammer said that they want to help people and actually be pro-life in how they do it as opposed to anti-abortion – and he believes that one of the ways to help with that was to help the burden of pregnancy on women to be decreased.

The legislation mandates that if the paternity of the child is disputed, the father won’t be required to pay anything until paternity is established. However, what bothers many is the fact that the legislation mandates that the father won’t be financially responsible for the cost of abortion received without his consent – unless it’s necessary.
Anti-abortion activists have since praised the bill, saying that it will protect the lives of unborn children.

Source: Upworthy