UK Will Send Undercover Police Officers In Bars To Make Sure Women Are Safe


Following a meeting of the UK government’s Crime and Justice Taskforce, chaired by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it was declared that undercover police will be deployed in bars across the UK as a part of the measures to help keep women safe.
The undercover officers will be tasked with finding predatory and suspicious offenders in the night-time economy. The initiative has since been dubbed ‘Project Vigilant’, and will see undercover officers deployed in areas around pubs, bars, and clubs. Additionally, there will be more frequent police patrols in closing time.

Although the scheme was first launched by Thames Valley Police back in 2019, it won an award for crime prevention from the International Association of Cheifs of Police recently, and will be implemented across the country.

In addition to ‘Projet Vigilant’, Johnson unveiled other steps that will be introduced across the UK to help better protect UK women, including a doubling of the Safer Streets fund. This fund provides neighborhood measures such as improved lighting and CCTV.

This is what the PM said about the measures:

“The horrific case of Sarah Everard has unleashed a wave of feeling about women not feeling safe at night. We must do everything we can to ensure our streets are safe.
Ultimately, we must drive out violence against women and girls and make every part of the criminal justice system work to better protect and defend them.”

The disappearance of Sarah Everard on 3 March has led to an outcry across the UK, and millions of people demanded action to be taken to prevent further assaults of women in society.

Serving Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens, who was charged with taking away and taking the life of Sarah Everard is set to appear before the Old Bailey later today.

Source: LADBible