Two Gay Men Caned 77 Times Each After Being Reported To Islamic Religious Police


Two gay men in Indonesia have been begging for mercy after they were canned 77 times each for breaking the Islamic law.
The two men, aged 27 and 28, have been arrested in November after residents became suspicious of them being gay. The men were arrested after being caught in same bed.
Dozens of people witnessed the two men plead for mercy as five Sharia law enforcers took turns, relieving the two men after 40 strokes each.

Each of them was flogged 77 times, three lashes less because they had already served three months in prison. Local media reported that the officer’s stick shattered but it was immediately replaced.

Although relationship between gay people is not illegal elsewhere in Indonesia, Aceh is the only region in the country that imposes the Sharia law.

Source: Daily Mail