Twitter Didn’t Violate Trump’s Freedom of Speech Because Twitter is NOT the Government


Following what happened in the US Capitol, when protesters forced their way into the building and costed the lives of six people, Twitter decided to permanently ban Donald Trump from its platform.
Ever since the election results came out, Twitter flagged the president’s tweets and acknowledged that they push disinformation about the election. In the wake of the incidents in the Capitol, though, Twitter was concerned that Trump’s tweets might lead to more violence, so they warned the President that he risked being banned if he kept up his inflammatory posts.

Trump was warned and he was given an explanation. However, he persisted with his notion, so Twitter followed through with a permanent ban. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram also banned him to use their platforms.

Predictably, the few people that still support him started crying about free speech on social media.
Thankfully, Twitter removed all the bulk accounts that were dedicated to pushing Trump’s rhetoric and the conspiracy theory that he’s in the process of taking down a secret cabal of Democrats and celebrities.
QAnon is a conspiracy group supported by a group of Trump’s extremist base that pushes through several falsehoods, and Twitter made sure to all the QAnon supporters and adherents.

Removing those accounts meant that many high-profile conservative politicians were silenced and lost tens of thousands of followers at once. Well, it’s safe to say that they weren’t happy about it.

Instead of acknowledging that, however, they started crying about free speech. The first amendment of the constitution guarantees the right to free speech – meaning that the government is not allowed to silence us. However, Twitter is not the government.

Neither is Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. These are all private companies, therefore they cannot be held accountable for Trump losing his ‘freedom of speech’. Additionally, you can only access these social media sites if you agree to a set of terms and conditions and abide by them.
The company, however, is well within its rights to boot us if we break the terms and conditions.

Trump wasn’t silenced by the government. He can hold a press conference at any time and say whatever he wants – at any time! He hasn’t lost his freedom of speech.

Trump is not allowed to go on Twitter because his messages are likely to incite violence, especially after what happened on January 6. Therefore, Twitter was well within its rights to shut down his account.

To conclude: suspending a social media account has nothing to do with freedom of speech. His first amendment rights have NOT been violated here!

Source: Upworthy