Twitter Debates If This Generation Is “Week” For Quitting Your Toxic Jobs


It’s only natural that younger generations feel strongly against the world views of those who were here before them, and vice versa. On the other side, older generations have had trouble understanding the different viewpoints of their successors, and it’s a conflicting situation where there are no winners. It’s how humanity works, and the world presents each generation with different challenges that their predecessors didn’t have to deal with.

Twitter user Yugopnik recently shared their thoughts on a hotly discussed subject nowadays: toxic workplaces. His Twitter thread went viral and has been liked almost 100k times. In it, he talked about how calling this generation soft or weak because they’re quitting toxic jobs is hilarious, and he asked how staying and ‘licking your boss’s boots every day for the rest of your life’ is showing courage.

Working in a toxic environment is not worth the sacrifice of your own health and mental stability. Maybe its the other way around, maybe the people that choose to stay in such surroundings are week?!

Anyway, the tweet gained a lot of popularity on social media people started a heated discussion on the topic of toxic jobs.

This is what people had to say about it:

So, what do you think, is a toxic workplace a reason to quit early?

Source: Upworthy