Transgender Man Shared What Testosterone Can Do By Taking Selfie Every Day For 3 Years


The transitioning process for transgender people is often not an easy one and it takes a lot of persistence and patience.

This is exactly the story of the Youtuber Jamie Raines who started his process of transition by taking testosterone right before turning 18. He decided to document this process by taking a selfie every day in order to keep track of the changes and the progress he’s making.

At first, he intended to that for a year, but since the changes took awhile this continued for 3 years.

Around the second year of taking testosterone, the changes rolled in and he noticed that his face started getting longer and his chunky cheeks were now gone.

Then after 2 years on testosterone he finally started getting facial hair.

He explains: “I was waiting for it once I first started getting a couple of chin hairs. It was really exciting.”

Then after 3 years he Raines got a full beard.

Jamie took a photo in the same outfit from his first photo of the start of the transitioning process and you would think
they are relatives of the same family and not the same person.

He explains that his whole family and his girlfriend were very supportive throughout the whole process which helped him a lot.

His advice for anyone who is taking testosterone is to have a lot of patience and faith.