Trans Woman Schools Anti-Abortion Advocate After Saying People Who Refer to God as ‘She’ Are Evil


Abby Johnson is a former Planned Parenthood worker that turned into an anti-abortion activist. If you know anything about her, you’d know that she’s famous for making bizarre statements on public platforms. Well, she did it again. In a recent interaction with Catholics for Choice communications director Charlotte Clymer, she got schooled with a page of her own book!

It all started when Johnson took it at people who refer to God with female pronouns, and she labeled them as ‘evil’ for doing so. This is what she tweeted:
“If a priest or pastor refers to God as “Herself” or “She,” do yourself a favor and flee from that evil.”

Although there were some people who sided with her, Clymer, who is a trans woman, challenged the claim and asked Johnson one simple question:
“Abby, honest question: how do you know God is only male?”

Abby responded with: “Father, Son, Holy Spirit.” “Our Father…”.

Clymer then responded with: “So, let me get this right: you’re saying that because God presents and identifies as male, we should respect his decision and use the appropriate pronouns without regard to any supposed scientific reasoning?”

Clymer wrote that Johnson has a difficulty understanding gender, to which Johnson responded that “God IS science”. Oh well, it’s safe to say that Twitter enjoyed the exchange.