Trans Fighter Shuts Down MMA Star Who Tried To Mock Her And Misgender Her


Trans MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin won her debut match in Miami this weekend in style: she beat her opponent in just three and a half minutes!

However, even though many people applauded her, former MMA champion Jake Shields wrote an all-out anti-trans attack against her, and mocked her, and misgendered her on Twitter.

Well, guess who had the last laugh? It was McLaughlin again!

She had the perfect Twitter clapback to Shields, which made Twitter love her even more!

And this is the response she had:

McLaughlin’s participation in the fight came after she was subjected to a number of tests required under Florida’s new law on excluding trans athletes from sports and by invading their medical privacy.

Expectedly, she passed all the tests, including the ones focused on her hormone levels.

Source: comicsands