Trans 4th Grader Takes It On Texas GOP Senators To Reconsider Bill In Amazing Speech


Kai Shappley is a 10-year-old girl that spoke before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday, April 12 in which she implored them to reconsider the passing of a recent bill that would brand her mom a ‘child misdemeanor’ for respecting her gender expression.

The trans fourth-grader told the legislators that she doesn’t like spending her free time asking adults to make good choices.
You can watch her speech for yourself below.

When Republican state Senator Charles Perry said that ‘God created us all in his own image and we went outside that created by our own accord and suffer from some of the consequences of being outside his will, Shappley replied by saying that God made her too, and God loves her for who she is. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Kimberly Shappley, Kai’s mother, had spoken to Good Housekeeping in 2017 about her life as a Christian mom raising a three-year-old child who was verbalizing that she was a girl at least six times a day. She admitted that she didn’t support or condone living the LGBTQ lifestyle in the past, but there’s never been a moment of doubt or regret after choosing to let Kai transition. She has since learned too much about identity and faith in loving her beautiful daughter exactly the way she is.

Source: Comicsands