This Teen Shares What Actually Happens In A Gender Neutral Bathroom


Choosing which bathroom are you going to use is simple enough – you choose whichever bathroom matches your gender or the gender you identify with. However, certain people (coughs, GOP) are very opinionated about which bathroom should transgender people use.

Well, this has an easy solution named gender-neutral bathrooms. Many people didn’t know how this would work and there were a lot of scenarios of possible situations with people hating the idea but these kinds of bathrooms are more and more common especially in colleges and universities.

Well, what really happens in gender-neutral bathrooms? This 19-year-old student named “Juju” found herself in a situation like this and decided to document it, for all the curious people out there. Check it out bellow.

It starts really innocently with one bathroom selfie. Nothing to see her, regular girl.

But this is when it gets crazier, ANOTHER person joins. Whaat? So crazy

And in the next photo?

Wow, THREE people now? Is this going to stop? We are going to photo number 4.

Just a beautiful group of queer people on one picture using one public bathroom. So scary right? Hide your wives and kids!

Here’s the original tweet that has over 50 thousand likes.