This Is Why Some Moms Want To Lick Their Newborn Babies


Have you ever heard some mom saying “Oh, the baby is so cute I could eat him up!”, or, “Oh she’s a delicious baby!”.
We’ve all probably heard stuff like this at some point in our lives, and although we’re completely aware that no sane person would actually do such a thing, there’s a theory that stands behind the urge to consume all the cuteness of a newborn baby.
The new baby smell is just adorable, and newborns are among the cutest little things on earth!

It turns out that some parents actually act on their impulses and lick their newborns. Yes, licking your newborn is actually a thing, and more people do it than you might think.

A photo of a woman licking her newborn baby recently went viral on Instagram and Facebook. The photo was taken by maternity photographer Ludy Siqueira of Senoritas Fotografia, and it was posted on social media by Flor Cruz.

The photo shows the mom licking her newborn baby in an animal-like setting. Cruz explained in her post that this sort of practice is common among mammals and very natural. She said that mammals do this for a few reasons: to remove the scent of the newborn to ward off predators, to bond and socialize with the baby, to ingest the baby’s ‘flora’ so antibodies can be passed on via breastmilk, etc.

The photo is a raw and ‘in-the-moment’ pic showing the mom that had just birthed her baby and it’s an instinctual, happy lick.

Cruz notes that, of course, we’re all civilized human mammals who don’t live in the wild, but we still have some of our natural instincts to act like mammals . That’s exactly why many mothers do it and have the urge to lick their babies.